Show 309: The Future of Politics in America

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Humanist Manifesto II

Eighth Principle

‘We are committed to an open and democratic society. We must extend participatory democracy in its true sense to the economy, the school, the family, the workplace, and voluntary associations. Decision-making must be decentralized to include widespread involvement of people at all levels – social, political, and economic. All persons should have a voice in developing the values and goals that determine their lives. Institutions should be responsive to expressed desires and needs.’

This Sunday, Matthew LaClair will host a call-in special about President Obama’s ‘State of the Union‘ address, and the issues discussed in it. The HealthCare debate, the Supreme Court decision allowing corporations the right to essentially purchase elections, and more will be discussed… in addition to the impact of Obama’s speech.

Does Obama’s SOTU speech show an interest by Obama to have a more open and participatory democracy than before? Will Obama’s speech finally open the doors for significant change in American Politics as we know it?

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