Show 602: Darcia Narvaez on Building a Healthy Human

We can point to many potential causes for the crises we currently face—from capitalism and classism, racism and right wing ideology… to just the fact that we live in a dominance-based society born of myths of rugged individualism and the idea that some lives matter more than others. And they’d all be true. But how did we get here? Has what has gone astray about economics, how we raise children, the failed education system—all of the above? Our guest today—and many others we have had on Equal Time in the past—has addressed in the past these issues and more. What she and I will discuss today very much focuses on the ways this culture raises its young, and how maladaptive this has become.

It’s not as simple as going back to the beginning of each of our lives—to the early stages of human development—but doing so sheds much light on our current multidimensional crises. And it also lets us see things do not have to be this way. We’re living in the last 2% of humanities’ existence on Earth, and we have done more damage than good in this short time. But change is possible. And it’s not hyperbole to suggest that if we don’t, we are heading quickly to the next great extinction on Earth…and it will include us.

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Show 601: Riane Eisler and Douglas Fry on Nurturing Our Humanity

For some time now, we have been having discussions with social and “natural” scientists about the state of our various societies – especially in the U.S. – in an attempt to better understand what we really are as a species, where we went wrong, and how we can find our way towards a healthier, more humanistic society.

What we’ve learned is that we are currently in a very unhealthy, even sociopathic time in human history. The multiple crises we face, of which Climate Change is one of the most urgent, may not have many viable solutions, but one thing for sure…our demise is not inevitable. This has been the message most of our guests have tried to get across – even the most pessimistic ones. Today’s guests are no different.

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Show 600: Jacques W. Martiquet  on VYVE!

VYVE is a Canadian-based organization a first-of-its-kind human connection agency that applies psychology, brain, and social-bonding sciences in a party entertainment.

Our guests today feel that we’re in a interpersonal crisis today where so many people are disconnected and lonely have insufficient opportunities to be a part of healthy communities.

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Show 599: HSPs: Highly Sensitive Persons

HSPs: Highly Sensitive Persons w/ Dr. Elaine Aron and Diana Sinelnikova

Dr. Elaine Aron earned her M.A. from York University in Toronto in clinical psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute in clinical depth psychology as well as interning at the C. G. Jung Institute in San Francisco. She is the author of ‘The Highly Sensitive Person‘ and related books including ‘The Highly Sensitive Person in Love’ and ‘The Highly Sensitive Child’.

Diana Sinelnikova is President & Creative Producer at the GlobalTouch Group in New York City, and has worked with several foundations rooted in science and education to promote their goal on a global scale. These include the Foundation for the Study of Highly Sensitive Persons, Pioneers in Education, and The National Museum of U.S. Army. She has produced two films based on Dr. Aron’s work including ‘Sensitive: The Untold Story‘, and the upcoming film, ‘Sensitive and In Love‘.

I’ll be speaking with both Elaine and Diana about their work, and what it means for those of us who are highly sensitive to live happy, peaceful, and healthy lives in the U.S.

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Show 598: Naturalistic Xmas Special 2019!

Naturalistic Xmas Special 2019! w/ Arnell Dowret


In the midst of so much meanness, cruelty, and insanity that some people are forced to endure in the world today, let us at least be together to support each other on Christmas Day.

To this end, once again Equal Time for Freethought’s Naturalistic Christmas Special will be playing some of our classic Christmas fare. And this year, we will be back on the air live taking your calls as well!

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Show 597: Darcia Narvaez

Darcia Narvaez on Basic Needs, Wellbeing, and Morality

Dr. Narvaez’ research explores questions of species-typical and species-atypical development in terms of wellbeing, morality, and sustainable wisdom. She examines how early life experience (the evolved nest) influences moral functioning and wellbeing in children and adults. She integrates evolutionary, anthropological, neurobiological, clinical, developmental and education sciences in her work. Questions that interest her include: How does early experience shape human nature? What do sustainable indigenous societies have to teach the modern world? What types of moral orientations do individuals develop in species-typical and -atypical environments? What is indigenous ecological wisdom and how do we cultivate it?

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Show 596: Skeptic, Bob Novella

Jessica Schab interviews skeptic podcaster, Bob Novella!

Bob Novella, is a co-founder and Vice-President of the New England Skeptical Society. He co-hosts along side his brothers Steven and Jay Novella the very popular Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe podcast – the show is dedicated to promoting critical thinking and science literacy through insightful content and resources including an award-winning weekly podcast.

Bob is the writer of the blogs for SGU’s Rogues Gallery, a Youtube channel called Alpha Quadrant 6 and he is a speaker at NECSS -New York City’s Biggest Celebration of Science & Skepticism. He has also written numerous articles that are widely published in skeptical literature.

Bob’s scientific interests lie in the extremes, from the gargantuan to the infinitesimal: astronomy and cosmology to particle physics and quantum mechanics. He is especially fascinated by the human capacity for self-deception and anticipated future technologies such as nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, and human augmentation.

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Show 595: Physicist Sean Carroll

Could there be another “you” out there, living another life almost like yours? Could there, in short, be other universes? It sounds like science fiction, but this week’s guest argues it’s not only possible but likely, the most straightforward conclusion to draw from Quantum Mechanics. Join us as we speak to Caltech Theoretical Physicist Sean Carroll, author of the new book “Something Deeply Hidden: Quantum Worlds and the Emergence of Spacetime”

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