Show 308: Haiti

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The eyes of the world are still on Haiti and hearts everywhere are aching. Aid and volunteers have poured in from around the world. And yet, the U.S.’s 12,000 troops have taken over Haiti’s main airport and are turning back much of this aid. An estimated 20,000 people a day died this past week under the rubble for lack of rescue. Surgeries and amputations among survivors were carried out without anesthesia or electricity.

Meanwhile, we are told – through the mainstream media over and over again – of the stories of worship and praise throughout Haiti. It is almost as if we are supposed to believe their suffering is not so great because of their faith. At the same time, Christian fascist Pat Robertson blamed the history of Haitians, who waged the only successful slave revolution in history, for bringing a curse down on themselves and causing their own suffering. As widely denounced as Robertson was, his voice was still treated as legitimate and promoted throughout the mainstream media.

This week on Equal Time for Free Thought Sunsara Taylor and her guests, Carl Dix and Rob Boston, will dig into the real history of Haiti, the dangerous and influential role of fundamentalists like Robertson, and shine a spotlight on the people who are not falling down on their knees and praising god, but waging active resistance both in Haiti and in the U.S. to demand humanitarian aid be let through.

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