Show 582: Tom Clark on the State of Naturalism, 2018

Tom Clark on the State of Naturalism, 2018. A discussion hosted by Arnell Dowret

What does a naturalistic worldview mean for how we treat each other, how we understand our social interactions, and what sort of society we build? One of the key elements to fostering naturalistic relations is to avoid “judgmentalism” in how we interact with others as well as the narratives we play around with in our own mind.

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Show 409: Post Hurricane Sandy Live Show!

Post Hurricane Sandy Live Show!

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After a month of airing re-run episodes of ETFF due to the critical effects of Hurricane Sandy on WBAI, we finally have a chance to produce a live program- So join us as we discuss traditional humanist concerns on the different ways to interpret life, death, and empathy between liberal religious venues and naturalistic humanism. Also we will talk briefly with Stuart Mason Dambrot on his website which brings cutting edge science to the public via the Internet.

Show 387: Free Will and Moral Responsibility

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Who deserves their fate in life?  This question is increasingly being raised from various ranks in our society.  Over the past year or so there has been a spate of books discussing our ability to empathize as central to being human.  This week, as our Supreme Court deliberated whether life long prison sentences without the possibility of parole for 14-year-olds constituted cruel and unusual punishment, the entire validity of retributive justice is brought into question.  On the streets, the Occupy movement is calling into question the basic assumptions about how we as a society deem some worthy to enjoy outlandishly excessive rewards while multitudes of others get nearly enough for life’s basic necessities.

As our regular listeners know, we at ETFF have long advocated that believing in “free will” is no more grounded in reason and evidence than any other belief in the supernatural. But in addition, the belief in free will is corrosive;  it supports the notion that some people are more deserving than others, and is used to justify outrageous inequity and violence.

Hopefully a large nail in the coffin of belief in “free will” will be hammered in by the publication, earlier this month, of the new mini-book by Sam Harris, simply titled “Free Will.”

Joining us on the phone to discuss this important new book and the significance of the question of free will in general will be director of The Center for Naturalism, and repeat guest on our program, Tom Clark.

Show 381: Santa Claus, Myth, Magic and Poetry w/ Arnell Dowret

Santa Claus, Myth, Magic and Poetry w/ Arnell Dowret

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No small factor in making naturalism as effective as it is, has to do with the very specific and detailed way that information and ideas are expressed. Clearly it’s more useful to distinguish between a person who may be experiencing clinical depression, and one who is sad about a recent loss of a family member, as opposed to using far more nebulous terms like “melancholy” to describe them both. At the same time however, might it be possible that communicating in primarily literal and specific terms has considerable limitations?

Is there something about the symbolism common to poetry and myth that is essential to convey aspects of reality that are missed by more specific and prosaic expression? And if so, what might a mythical naturalistic character look like?

Case in point: on this past Christmas Day Equal Time for Freethought played part of its most recent interview with mythical icon, Santa Claus. For the beginning half hour of this program we will play, for the first time ever, the new Santa interview in its entirety. During the second half hour we will take your calls to get your ideas on the question of finding the right balance between poetry and prose, and myth and reality.

For ambiance, this week’s program will be broadcast from a transparent laboratory cloud, encircled by a clinically schizophrenic and completely delusional rainbow.

Show 304: Naturalistic Christmas Special!

Equal Time for Freethought’s TWO-HOUR Naturalistic Christmas Special!

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This Christmas join Arnell Dowret for another naturalized, secular, and faith-free Christmas celebration as he demonstrates how and why Christmas can – and should – be a fully naturalistic and fun holiday.

During the program we’ll be taking listener calls to hear about where you see hope for tomorrow, and for you to tell us how your Christmas is going.  We’ll also feature a special guided Christmas meditation, and we’ll be replaying Equal Time for Freethought’s classic Christmas morning interview with Santa Claus and his wife, Christine.

And although Equal Time for Freethought’s Naturalistic Christmas Special is faith-free, throughout the years we have had many people of faith tell us they’re glad they tuned in.  So, unless you’re a big fan of guys like Glenn Beck, be sure to tune in!

Show 303: Naturalistic Symbols and Myths

Naturalistic Symbols and Myths – Are they desirable? Are they possible? Are they needed?

Throughout human history attitudes, ideas, practices, and traditions regarding the “big stuff,” such as our relationship to the Cosmos – what it means to be alive – and how we should think about ourselves and our fellow humans, have been conveyed through mostly nonintellectual means such as religious practice and culture. Today, naturalism offers humanity the most accurate and effective way to approach such questions but, to date, proponents of naturalism haven’t found a nonintellectual approach to convey naturalistic knowledge and wisdom.

This Sunday we’ll consider whether a naturalistic understanding of ourselves, and the world, can be spread through nonintellectual means; and, if so, what such a nonintellectual approach would look like.  Joining us will be the organizer of the New York Mythology Cafe which is also The New York Chapter of the Joseph Campbell Foundation Mythological RoundTable® Group of New York, Phil Robinson.

Show 300: Arnell Dowret’s “Naturalistic Holiday Special!”

Naturalistic Holiday Special!

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The holiday season is officially here and though many nonbelievers might spin an index finger and mutter “Well, whoopty do!,” the period from Thanksgiving to Christmas need not be problematic for people who don’t believe in Jesus, nor need it be joyless for people who do not believe in god at all.

During this one hour special Arnell Dowret offers a naturalistic take on the holidays – and he’ll explain how those who are secular may want to celebrate the holidays for the significant benefits they have to offer.

He’ll start out wrapping up thanksgiving weekend by asking listeners to call in about what they are grateful for in their lives.*

For the bottom half of the hour, he’ll talk about the upcoming weeks and ideas for having a Naturalistic Christmas Day.

And while not everyone’s response will be to run out, get a flu shot, and go visit a Santa (probably a good thing) – you may find the holidays just a little more fun!

Show 278: One-Hour Easter Day Special w/Arnell Dowret

One-Hour Easter Day Special w/Arnell Dowret

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This Easter our basket truly overflowith as we examine…

Naturalistic Christianity, or “Everybody Else Does It So Why Can’t We?”

Is it possible that there can be completely naturalistic approach to being a Christian?  This Easter we’ll be taking your calls to hear your views on this question.

We’ll also be featuring a special rebroadcast of what, to date, is the last known public debate between Jesus Christ and the Easter Bunny – recorded just months before the Bunny tragically contracted Type-2 Genital Herpes, and loath to pass it on, voluntarily went into seclusion 🙁