Who We Are

Producers/Hosts:  Barry F. Seidman / Melody Ray / Arnell Dowret

Barry has worked as a humanist/Freethought community leader and events coordinator for the Council for Secular Humanism and the Center for Inquiry (2000-2006). Barry’s writing has been published in Free Inquiry, Philosophy Now, The Skeptic UK, The New Humanist, The Sciences, Skeptical Inquirer and EXIT, and he is co-editor of the anthology, Toward a New Political Humanism. His future plans in this area include a documentary and a book based on some of the themes of ETFF which range from social/physical science and philosophy to politics and ethics.

Melody is a writer/poet and artist who’s creative endeavors cover myriad areas of the human condition. Her interests include philosophy, science, exploring human nature and sociopolitical ideas… as well as health, exercise, Yoga, and anything that can unite our many cultures and bring about a healthy, more peaceful society.

Arnell is a writer, radio host, and activist in the humanist community.  He is a contributing author to the book, Toward A New Political Humanism, and to the book, The Myth of Free Will.  He developed “Secular Connections” an alternative experimental workshop originally offered by Center for Inquiry in New Jersey. He is working on a book about Scientific Naturalism, Determinism, and Progressive Change.

Founder:  Dorothy “Sara” Klein

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