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Producers/Hosts:  Barry F. Seidman / Arnell Dowret

Barry has worked as a humanist/Freethought community leader and events coordinator for the Council for Secular Humanism and the Center for Inquiry (2000-2006). Barry’s writing has been published in Free Inquiry, Philosophy Now, The Skeptic UK, The New Humanist, the Daily Record of New Jersey, Biotechnology News, Oncology.com, The Sciences, Skeptical Inquirer and EXIT, and he is co-editor of the anthology, Toward a New Political Humanism. He is working on a new book on how to get to a healthy global society based on interviews conducted on ETFF.

Arnell is a writer, radio host, and activist in the humanist community.  He is a contributing author to the book, Toward A New Political Humanism, and to the book, The Myth of Free Will.  He developed “Secular Connections” an alternative experimental workshop originally offered by Center for Inquiry in New Jersey. He is working on a book about Scientific Naturalism, Determinism, and Progressive Change.

Special Guest Hosts: Matthew LaClair, Jessica Schab and Diego Fontanive

Matthew graduated with a BA in Culture and Media Studies from the New School and then received an MA in Science Journalism from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism.  His involvement in the media world began in high school, when he challenged his U.S. History teacher for preaching his religious beliefs during class time.  The following year, he worked to correct an inaccurate and biased AP American Government textbook.  As an advocate for accuracy, he appeared on and in numerous media outlets such as The New York Times, Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN, and Brian Lehrer on NPR, delivered addresses around the country, published an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times, and continually worked toward providing quality education to students in my school and around the country.

Jessica is a former ‘’spiritual speaker’’. After ten years, she renounced her “New-Age metaphysical path” when she understood how this route was causing psychological harm and cognitive instability. She is now a speaker of rational thinking and exposes the dangerous patterns of spirituality and New Age ideology. She feels strongly compelled to speak out on this subject and shares her story with the intention of bringing awareness and encouraging a sense of responsibility.

Jessica is also the co-creator and teacher of the “All In the Mind” course for the Cambridge e-Learning Institute, and has worked for ten years in the film and animation industry as a production assistant.  She is working on a documentary about her experiences called “Memoirs of a Former Mystic”.

Diego has a background in Political Science, Sociology and Psychology. His main concern and field of research lies in the flawed systems that reduce our ability to think, resulting in psychological suffering. After becoming familiar with the contradictions embedded within the decaying structures of society, it became important for him to explain how all systems that come from ideologies fragment and warp our understanding of reality. All attempts aimed at “becoming a better person or a better society” – due to our desire to cling to systems without understanding why they were created in the first place – lead to a false sense of progress, which in the end creates unnecessary psychological tensions for everyone.

Diego is also the creator and teacher of the “All In the Mind” course for the Cambridge e-Learning Institute, has written numerous articles for prominent members of the psychological community and institutions such as the University of Tucson Arizona and the U.N., and is working on a documentary about his work called “All Is Not Well”.

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