Show 603: Alfie Kohn on Education; Ted Schick on Critical Thinking and Skeptism

We live in a society where the education system is crumbling. It’s not been enough for the powers that be to dumb-down the public schools for many reasons, mostly centered around capitalism and keeping the populous from learning enough information to effect progressive social change (rather than to be merely obedient automatons). When Progressives and Leftists speak about the myriad problems in today’s society, they often think of education as a primary way to foster healthy, and sustainable change. Children will be the future of our society, our world, and their education—at least at the hands of our institutions—has been far from even adequate in many cases. So what can be done? Today we will talk with author Alfie Kohn on some of the issues involved, and more so, pick his brain about solutions.

We also live in a society ready to accept ideas and opinions without the slightest scientific evidence, nor reject scientific theories out of hand which have myriad evidence behind them. This can be seen in so many areas from science itself, to the beliefs in religion, “new age” phenomenon, the paranormal, and of course politics and economics. Americans are more often taught – in the Media, by Politicians, in our Schools, and on the Internet – WHAT to think rather than HOW to think, Critical Thinking has become an enigma in a world of “Fake News” and the complete disregard for real expertise. Dr. Ted Schick will help us navigate these ever increasingly muddy waters.

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