The ETFF Mission

To explore and represent an evidence-based world view, thereby providing a forum for social change based on secular humanism, scientific naturalism, and healthy skepticism.

WBAI 99.5 FM Radio broadcasts Equal Time for Freethought each Saturday at 3:00 PM. Shows beginning at another time will be noted in the schedule. Equal time is sorely needed! Just as WBAI stands in a proud tradition of progressive dissent from the mainstream corporate political system, this show stands in dissent from the mainstream society, which is dominated today by supernaturalism and religious or “faith-based” views. In fact, many of us believe that a vital part of achieving social progress will be freeing humanity from superstition and supernatural beliefs.

We also feel that being evidence-based implies our advocating for a proactive planetary humanism rather than merely articulating what we don’t profess to believe. This means that on Equal Time for Freethought, we explore what a humanist future society might look like via addressing not only secularism or atheism, but also naturalism, spirituality, society, politics, economics, and human potential.

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  • To call in to speak on the air:(212) 209-2900 Email: