Show 307: Norm Allen, Jr.

African-American Humanism

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Michael O’Neil interviews Norm Allen, Jr…we talk about the efforts of skeptics in Africa to oppose fundamentalist Christianity imported by the West, and the need to recognize non-theist African American leaders in US history.

Norm Allen is the Executive Director of African Americans for Humanism (AAH), an educational organization primarily concerned with fostering critical thinking, ethical conduct, church-state separation, and skepticism toward untested claims to knowledge. He is the editor of the ground-breaking book African-American Humanism: An Anthology, AAH Examiner, and an Associate Editor of Free Inquiry magazine. His most recent book is The Black Humanist Experience.

Mr. Allen has traveled and lectured throughout North America, Europe, and Africa. His writings have been published in scores of newspapers throughout the US, and he has spoken on numerous radio and television programs. Mr. Allen’s writings have appeared in such books as Culture Wars and the National Center for Science Education’s Voices for Evolution.

Norm Allen has spoken at many institutions of higher learning including Harvard, Cheyney University, Temple University, the University of Minnesota, and Ohio State University. He has appeared on numerous radio and television talk shows, including “the O’Reilley Factor” on the Fox News Network, the Diane Rehm Show on National Public Radio, BBC Radio, and the Ghanaian Broadcasting Corporation.

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