Show 267: Naturalistic Christmas Special!

Equal Time for Freethought’s Naturalistic Christmas Special!

Audio here!

Well that time of year is here again!  And despite all the pronouncements of faith in speech, song and public display, a majority of people who celebrate Christmas in America are disinclined to believe that the only person who can save our world was born and died about two thousand years ago.

In reality most Americans understand that the people who can help humanity ring in an age of social justice, stable environment, global peace, and fair access to resources for all, are walking among us today, and this is reflected in the fact that at Christmastime most people who have children in their lives spend far more time fussing over them than they do praying.

There’s no need to believe in supernatural ideas to participate and enjoy the holiday that celebrates and indulges children, and the hope for a better tomorrow which they embody, and looks to the ever longer days of sun light, which now begin, as a symbol of better times ahead.

On our ‘Naturalistic Christmas Special’ we will discuss how to experience naturalistic Christmas fun and we’ll be taking listener calls reporting on the children in your lives and what they are like.  We’ll also want to hear about your Christmas experiences, naturalistic or traditional.

And Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without playing our interview with Santa, and we’ll also be featuring a special over the air guided meditation, which builds on the theme of renewal and survival through the darkness.

And you don’t need to be non-faith based or non-supernatural to benefit from tuning in; in years past, in addition to our regular non-faith-based listeners, people who are Muslims, Jews, Astrologers, Roman Catholics, Baptists, and others, have all reported getting a lot from our Naturalistic Christmas Special.

So come all ye faithless, faithful, ye of little faith, and all of you out and out heathens as well!  Let us once again celebrate a completely natural phenomenon in a completely naturalistic way, on Equal Time for Freethought’s “Naturalistic Christmas Special!”

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