Show 266: Morality without Gods: An Exchange!

One-Hour Fund Drive Special!

Morality without Gods: An Exchange!

Audio Here!

Has religion gotten out of hand; have we become truly Religulous?

Is religion itself really as dangerous as some now claim?

Can science and religion coexist in a healthy society?

And, what is the best way to defend science and democracy from fundamentalist religion?  Via a “militant atheist” critique of religion and religious believers (as with the “new atheists” both on the left and right), or via a sociopolitical and psychological analysis of religion in society and a holistic approach to making lives better?

Or both?

Join us for this special fund drive program where the ‘Equal Time for Freethought’ team and some special guests discuss these questions as they reflect upon a recent successful symposium at New York University which ETFF and the Atheists, Agnostics and Freethinkers of NYU cosponsored.

The panelists at that event included our own Sunsara Taylor and Paul Eckstein, along with evolutionary biologist, Massimo Pigliucci.  We will be offering as a gift to those who donate during this program the 2-CD set of the symposium which includes the talks themselves, questions from the audience, and comments from audience members after the event ended.

And it’s not too late to donate to the station in our name, just visit WBAI-NY!

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