Show 154: Feminism, Abortion and the Fascist Right w/ Sunsara Taylor

Feminism, Abortion and the Fascist Right

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This Sunday on Equal Time for Freethought, special guest host Sunsara Taylor will discuss issues of feminism, abortion and the antiabortion religious Right. She will do this via her own words and sound clips, and she will take listener calls.

Since only Sunsara can be quoted for her own program, here is what she wrote recently on how she became so dedicated to this subject matter:

“(About) ten years ago … I got my first taste of political activism in a serious way. It was at the doors of the last remaining abortion clinic in Fargo, North Dakota. Operation Rescue (an antiabortion clinic assault organization founded by Randall Terry) had targeted this clinic – and a handful of us defended it, and its patients and its doctors, night and day.

“Randall Terry, and people like him, are serious about their expectations to be running things. “Our goal is a Christian Nation … We have a biblical duty, we are called by God to conquer this country. We don’t want equal time. We don’t want pluralism. …Theocracy means God rules.” … This man expects, and has been granted, a direct line to and input into how the country is run. To the corridors of power. And – he, and folks like him, have been granted this.”

Randall Terry is not the only person, as we all know, on the fascist Right who have unprecedented power in America these days, particularly under the “leadership” of the worlds most powerful Christo-Fascist, George W. Bush. So, what are we to do? Sunsara will address these issues as we attempt to move toward a better world … this Sunday on “Equal Time for Freethought at 6:30pm on WBAI-NY… Your Peace and Justice Radio!

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