Show 153: Naturalism and Bodily Pleasure II w/ Eliyanna Kaiser and Audacia Ray

Naturalism and Bodily Pleasure II w/ Eliyanna Kaiser and Audacia Ray

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This Sunday evening at 6:30 PM Equal Time for Freethought continues with part 2 of its two-part examination of how a culture that rejects the precepts of religion might regard bodily pleasure and sexuality.

In part one, developmental and cross-cultural neuro-psychologist, Dr. James Prescott explained to us how our antibody pleasure and sexuality culture results considerable damage to our society’s mental health and its prospects for civility. In part two, we will continue our examination from a less academic and more anecdotal perspective.

Live in our studio, we shall be joined by Eliyanna Kaiser and Audacia Ray, both Senior Editors of the publication for sex workers, “$pread Magazine.” Eliyanna and Audacia will help us examine the subject of bodily pleasure and sexuality, from a “hands on” perspective of how our self righteous Judeo-Christian culture hypocritically imposes a wide range of punishments and negative characterizations on people for attempting to meet the needs of sexual and body pleasure. We will also discuss issues of power, gender, capitalism, patriarchy, and some of the usual stuff about religion and belief in the supernatural – and all in under twenty-five minutes! We’d challenge Ed Sullivan to cram more in to a Sunday night, but that might require getting help from Jonathan Edwards (the “channeler,” not the politician).

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