Show 152: Naturalism and Bodily Pleasure w/ James Prescott

Naturalism and Bodily Pleasure w/ James Prescott

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Equal Time for Freethought begins 2006 with the first of a two part examination of how a culture that rejects precepts of religion should regard bodily pleasure and sexuality.  To help us in our discussion we will be pleased to have joining us developmental neuro-psychologist, and cross-cultural psychologist, Dr. James Prescott.

From 1963 to 1980, Dr. Prescott served as the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development’s Health Scientist Administrator.  During his tenure Dr. Prescott initiated and established a number of behavioral research programs, which documented that the greatest threat to world peace comes from those cultures which have the most depriving environments for their children and which are most repressive of sexual affection and female sexuality.

How did the Federal Government respond to Dr. Prescott’s findings?  And despite it being mentioned in Dr. Carl Sagan’s world famous science series “Cosmos,” why is Dr. Prescott’s work today virtually unknown?  How has the present day humanist establishment responded to Dr. Prescott’s message?

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