Show 535: Why The Right Went Wrong

Why The Right Went Wrong w/ E.J. Dionne Jr.

This Saturday, Matthew LaClair will be speaking with professor of g0vernment issues and author, E.J. Dionne Jr. Dionne is a senior fellow in Governance Studies at the Brookings Institution, a government professor at Georgetown University and a frequent commentator on politics for NPR, ABC’s “This Week” and MSNBC.  He is also a long-time columnist for the Washington Post and spent 14 years at the New York Times, where he covered politics and reported from Albany, Washington, Paris, Rome and Beirut.

Dionne is the author of six books including his latest and the subject of our discussion, Why the Right Went Wrong: Conservatism from Goldwater to the Tea Party and Beyond.  He tells the story of the evolving (or rather devolving) Conservative movement, starting with Barry Goldwater and resulting in the politics of today including the extremist views of Donald Trump, the current presidential nominee of the Republican Party.  Dionne weaves together the cast of characters that have shaped the Republican party and the political right, interviewing many of them in the hopes of understanding their movement from within. What happened to mainstream Conservatism? What role has religion played in its development? How has liberalism grappled with the evolving political right and how should honest journalists grapple with the vitriol and extremism of it?

Audio can be found here!

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