Show 330: Call In Show on Freethought Community

Call In Show on Freethought Community

When people move from traditional religious practice to agnosticism or atheism (or humanism), they sometimes regret leaving behind some of the community and spiritual benefits church, synagogue, or mosque offer.  However, most Freethought organizations and groups offer primarily intellectual stimuli, and on occasion, unorganized social gatherings… but not much else.  What alternatives does the Freethought have?

Arnell Dowret will host a call-in show to discuss what alternative ETFF has come up with, as well as what our listeners would like to see happen.. So…

Tune in, Pay it Forward, and Question Everything!

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  1. Dear ETFF Show:
    I listened to your Call In Show on Freethought Community on Sept 19th, 2010. It’s very strange to me because Mr. Dowret the host seemed to not be aware of any freethought community that had structure or organized social gatherings. I would ask him and the rest of the ETFF staff to get familiar with the Ethical Culture Societies, some of which are listed as “Friends of ETFF”. They are humanist congregations that have a formal Leader, Sunday meetings, Sunday schools for kids, holiday/seasonal celebrations, music/singing, rite of passage rituals, etc. This is a great alternative to freethought clubs that focus on dry dicussions/debates.

    Thanks for your time.

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