Show 320: Abortion via Racism

Black Women Committing “Womb Lynchings”!?  The Latest LIES from the Anti-Abortion Fundamentalists.

Audio here!

Across Atlanta, ominous billboard ads have appeared with the face of a young Black child and the words, “Endangered Species.”  But rather than objecting to the massive incarceration of Black youth or the rampant police brutality and abuse that confronts them… rather than challenging the decaying inner city school systems or the massive transfer of wealth through foreclosure out of Black families… these ads are targeting Black women!  They are religiously motivated ads that are seeking to equate Black women who choose abortion to the white supremacist slave-owners and lynchers of U.S. history.  They call abortion by Black women, “womb lynchings.”

This week, on Equal Time for Free Thought, Sunsara Taylor will speak with Dr. Tonya Williams of SPARK, an organization in Atlanta that has been challenging these ads, fighting for the right to abortion AND against racial and sexual discrimination.

The truth is, there is a higher rate of abortion on average among Black women… but there is also a higher birthrate.  The common thread beneath both of these statistics is that Black women are among those who are most systematically denied education and access to their own reproductive health.  This is connected to the overall still existing oppression of Black people, which is – after all – why the invocation of “Black genocide” resonates in the first place.

Tune in this Sunday as Taylor and Williams unravel this sinister and dishonest effort to pit women’s rights and the lives of Black people against each other – and to highlight the common interests among all oppressed people in opposing these ads.

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