Show 315: The Texas Textbook Controversy

The Texas Textbook Controversy!

This Sunday, Matthew LaClair will talk with controversial figure Don Mcleroy, a Christian literalist and Creationist member of the Texas Board of Education. They will discuss the Texas Board of Education’s curriculum changes that are likely to pass this May which, as the New York Times explains, “Stress(es) the superiority of American capitalism, question(s) the Founding Fathers’ commitment to a purely secular government, and present(s) Republican political philosophies in a more positive light.”

3 Replies to “Show 315: The Texas Textbook Controversy”

  1. Great interview Matthew. I appreciate the opportunity to actually hear what Don Mcleroy had to say in defence of his positions.

    His assertion that no one wants creationists on shool boards, while obviously not true, does raise a good point. The problem with having a creationist in this type of position is that they have already demonstrated an unwillingness to learn from existing facts and theory and they willfully ignore anything that contradicts their faith’s position. This being the basis of the problem is why I, as a citizen and a parent, would be skeptical of having a creationist in his position. On the other hand, because of the first amendment, he has every right to serve on any school board. But having that ‘balance’ doesn’t give anyone the right or the power to insert faith-claims or skewed history into an educational curricumlum. Especially when the facts show otherwise.

    Thanks for having him on your show. I look forward to the followup.

  2. I wish everyone would quit bringing up “facts” when it invovles creationism and/or evolution. There are simply no scientific “facts” to support either. Both theories (and that is all they are) are based on what you choose to believe, not facts. Any reputable true scientist (on both sides of the issue) will confirm this.

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