Show 236: Edward Trippel on Antioch College

Michael O’Neil talks to Edward Trippel of the Antioch College Action Network (ACAN) about the corporatization and sabotage of one higher education’s most forward-thinking and progressive institutions.

Audio here!

From ACAN:

“The Antioch College Action Network (ACAN) is a coalition of Antioch College Community Members—students, faculty, staff, alumni, villagers and friends—dedicated to a vibrant, humane, self-governing and self-sustaining Antioch College. Operating on principles of direct participatory democracy, ACAN continues to work towards a true Non-Stop Antioch, uncompromised in its academic integrity and commitment to social justice. To this end, ACAN advocates autonomy, independence, participatory community governance; open, public and accountable decision-making processes, faculty tenure, respect for students and employees, sustainable student services, aggressive admissions, and faculty-driven curriculum for Antioch College.”

Click here for info about the struggle of Antioch College against Antioch University…

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