Show 565: Feminist, Atheist Comedienne, Kate Smurthwaite

Feminist, Atheist Comedienne, Kate Smurthwaite

Kate Smurthwaite is a left-wing feminist & atheist stand-up comedian and political activist. She preforms all over the UK, and around the world at major clubs including The Comedy Store, Soho Comedy Club, and The Stand, and she also writes for publications from Cosmopolitan to both The Guardian and The Independent and is the Vice Chair and Media Spokesperson for campaign group Abortion Rights UK.

Kate is often a guest on news and debate shows and is well known for her forthright opinions and campaigning work. Appearances include the BBC’s flagship political debate show Question Time as well as BBC Breakfast, BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour, and BBC Radio 4 The Moral Maze. In 2012 Radio 4’s Four Thought series included a 15-minute program written and performed entirely by Kate about sexist humour and sexism in comedy.

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Show 527: Moving, Stage Left: Danny Katch and The Last Internationale

We occasionally have the opportunity to speak with people in the arts rather than academia to examine other ways of understanding where we’re at as well as where we want to be and how to get there. For this show, I had the chance to talk with humorist Danny Katch about how to understand what it means when we hear the term ‘socialism’ bandied about – especially since the Bernie Sanders campaign for president – what socialism actually is, and can it be re-envisioned for today’s world-gone-crazy?

And for the first time on Equal Time, we will speak with the founding members of a rock band whose mission it is – besides making good music – to cut through what historian Morris Berman refers to as our American political ‘fog.’ The New York founded The Last Internationale.

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Show 333: Box Brown From Everything Dies

Humanist Funnies! A Conversation With Cartoonist Box Brown From “Everything Dies”

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Host Michael ONeil interviews Box Brown, who recently finished his webcomic, “Bellen!”, to focus totally on the web-and-print, religion-based comic: Everything Dies.  He lives in Philadelphia with Sarah, Buster and Louis, only two of which are cats.

Box’s work has been featured on and USAToday’s Pop Candy Blog.  “Everything Dies” explores religion’s role as myth throughout the world.  It’s like if Kurt Vonnegut’s ghost possessed Jack Chick!  Not that Kurt Vonnegut has a ghost (though that would be hilarious)