Show 507: “Peer Reviewed!” w/Sabine Hossenfelder

“Peer Reviewed!” w/Sabine Hossenfelder

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What is Science? Why is the peer review process important for keeping science the most reliable method for gaining knowledge on how things really are? Is science’s success best understood through the sensational discoveries we learn about in the media, or the day-to-day work of scientists everywhere — which may, occasionally, lead to such discoveries?

Today, E.T.F.F. will be taking a peak into the ordinary life of a peer-reviewer as she helps maintain the integrity of an extraordinary human endeavor–to understand the Universe. To do this, Xaquri Rzetelny will be talking with German quantum physicist Sabine Hossenfelder who in addition to her scientific work, runs a Blog, “Backreaction“, in which she ‘peer reviews’ both fellow scientists’ work, and how this work is presented in the media.

Show 422: Eric Gawiser

Astrophysicist Eric Gawiser on Science: What it is, and Why it’s not What you think it is.

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Why do so many people misunderstand science today in America? Why do some think science is just as fallible at understanding reality as religion or New Age philosophy are.. even less so? Why can’t so many Americans understand what constitutes legitimate evidence; and why do those who do, discount such as limiting humanity’s ability to understand the universe because of science’s “close-minded materialism?” After all, hasn’t science gotten it wrong many times before? Most of all, how do we convince others that there IS an objective reality, and science IS the best way to access it.. no matter their religious or new-age convictions?

Join us as our newest host, Xaquri Rzetelny, discusses these questions and more with Associate Professor of Astrophysics at Rutgers University, Eric Gawiser.