Show 588: Bruce Levine and Michael Yates on Anti-Authoritarianism and more…

What a tangled web we’ve weaved. We are in the times of neo-fascism and ramped neoliberal capitalism, and the violence, hate, anxiety and depression they induce. Some of us ‘left of center’ keep hoping that Sanders-esque progressives will move the Democratic Party leftward again – thus pulling the Republican Party out of neo-fascism – but some of us hold out no such hope. Those of us on what is often derogatorily referred to as the ‘far left’ still think things can be turned around, but there is much work ahead…IF it is not already too late.

In the traditions of anarchism and Marxism, two authors have been exploring how these philosophies can still be effective today. Dr. Bruce Levine and Michael Yates.

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