Show 456: Special Call-In Show: The Rzetelny Brothers on “Free Will”

Special Call-In Show: The Rzetelny Brothers on “Free Will”

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Do we have free will? You may have heard that question before, but what does it really mean? If we had it, how would we know? What would it look like if we did, or if we didn’t? And, more importantly, what does this mean for society? While on some level it may seem like just an abstract concept, our views of free will can affect how we treat other people, and how we build our society. Which makes it an important, and certainly interesting, topic to discuss.

Luckily, science gives us clues as to the nature of human decision-making — the essence of free will. But what should we make of it? How should we build policies out of these clues? Hosts Xaq Rzetelny and his brother, special guest host Dr. Adam Rzetelny, will be discussing these issues and more, and taking callers.

Dr. Adam Rzetelny is a licensed clinical psychologist with clinical and research experience in addiction, psychiatry, pain, neurology, and behaviorism.  Dr. Rzetelny co-authored several scientific papers and presentations, including pharmacogenetics of response to nicotine replacement therapy in smokers, drug testing in patients with addictions, and physical therapy in patients with MS.  In his clinical practice, he treated severe mental illness and addiction in both in-patient and outpatient settings.  Dr. Rzetelny currently works as a researcher and educator for a company that provides drug testing and pharmacogenetics services.

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