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  1. Read your blog about the growing totiaitlraan EU becomming a federal union. I was a bit shocked at your anti British views until I read the about me section. Being a liberal and an atheist surely makes it clearer as people who have no faith in anything but manmade things do put thier love in manmade things. Being Godless doesn’t mean you stop believing in God, it means you start believing in everything. That’s why Post-Christian Europe has always had a federal union as a dream of the EU. They cannot stand the fact that America overtook Europe and now dominates the globe economically, politically, culturally, and militarily. You overstated Europe’s power, though. It isn’t 32% of the globe’s GDP, it’s closer to about 25%, though it will not remain that share. Godless Europe’s demographic collapse ensures slower growth and economic relative decline like Japan. There will be more periods of non-growth or decline in Europe’s future than growth. In any case, it is still far behind America in technology, science, productivity growth, and innovation. It remains far behind militarily. America’s population will continue to grow rapidly into the future and will overtake Europe in about 40 years. No EU federation or expansion will halt America’s continuing dominance. Given that most liberals are Godless it isn’t altogether surprising that Europe is again ceding its liberty and freedom to the totiaitlraan EU. Without God people need man to tell them what to do. Christianity gave birth to Western Civilization and inspired the Rennaissance. The West has no future without it. You said you weren’t proud of the British state. If atheism/humanism had done to my country what it has done to the UK I wouldn’t be proud of it either. Modern Britain is only a rotting shell of what it once was. It’s social breakdown is a symptom of it’s rejection of God and adoption of humanism even though humanism is the most anti-human theory ever thought up. I’m embarrased that your girlfriend is in love with you, but given that you are an atheist you probably won’t be a good husband anyway. I hope you don’t plan to move here. Christopher

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