Show 432: Jefferson Fish on The Myth of Race…

Jefferson Fish on The Myth of Race…

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Are humans divided into discrete groups, each with recognizable physical traits? It can seem that way on the surface, but if so, why are there so many “exceptions to the rule”? And why were there 15 different race categories on the 2010 Census? If they do exist, how many are there, and why do different cultures categorize people in different ways? In short, what is race, and does it even exist in the first place?

We’ll discuss these questions and more with Dr. Jefferson Fish, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at St. John’s University, New York City. He’s the author of more than one hundred journal articles, book chapters, and other works. He’s also written 12 books, including his most recent, The Myth of Race. Today, Dr. Fish will discuss some of the many unscientific myths about race that proliferate our society, the problems they cause, and how we could confront them.

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