Show 408: Culture Pleasure Positive

Culture Pleasure Positive

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At a time when the anti-pleasure/anti-female forces in our society have been more strident than ever in their opposition not only to a woman’s right to choose, but now even to contraception, our fall fund drive special will explore what life might be like if human sexuality wasn’t filtered through the shame-based narrative of religion and traditionalist culture, nor used to exploit and manipulate us into becoming ever greater consumers.

We’ll consider how an evidence-based appreciation of key aspects of our humanity should point us towards creating a new and healthier “pleasure positive” culture.

Joining Arnell Dowret along with Equal Time for Freethought’s newest host Keysha Whitiker, will be author Christopher Ryan. And we’ll be offering his book Sex at Dawn as well as several other pleasure positive premiums to our listener sponsors who contribute during the program.

Audio for part-two coming soon…

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