Show 438: The End of Men and The Rise of Women

The End of Men and The Rise of Women

Everything that begins must end.  Last month on ETFF, author Tim Wise warned us of the looming demographic shift which will soon make White Americans the minority in the United States.  This month, journalist Hanna Rosin tells us the end is near for another group: men.

In The End of Men and The Rise of Women, Rosin lays out how a shift in dynamics on several fronts have allowed – or in some cases forced – men out of their traditional roles and responsibilities, including moving from roles associated with brawn. Women, on the other hand, are “on the rise” according to Rosin – making measurable gains in various areas and undergoing their own shape shifting: adopting characteristics typically found in “male territory.” This movement is not contained to the United States; Rosin presents evidence that traditional gender roles around the world are blurring and bending.

Rosin writes that though she began the book “thinking that we were heading into a woman’s world” that “would reflect some set of ‘womanly values,’ ” she found that assumption to be a “story we tell ourselves to make the current massive upheavals in gender roles seem tamer and more predictable.”

In this interview, she elaborates on the changes in the middle class, economy, education, relationships, and even violence and how we must continue to adapt as we move into this new world.

Show 436: The Science of Evil w/ Simon Baron-Cohen

The Science of Evil w/ Simon Baron-Cohen


History is full of cruelty- is there a person alive who hasn’t at some point been treated with gross insensitivity or even downright meanness by another?

Today, as a result of cutting edge neuroscience and social science, we know more about what causes people to act in hurtful ways than at any prior time in human history.   So, we are pleased to present the work of one of the world’s foremost authorities on the subject, Professor of Developmental Psychopathology in the departments of Psychology and Psychiatry at the University of Cambridge, Dr. Simon Baron Cohen.

Arguing that we explain nothing by describing acts of cruelty as “evil,” Dr. Cohen’s work demonstrates that cruelty can be traced to a distinct psychological state – a lack of empathy. Borderline personality disorder, narcissism, psychopathology, autism, and Asperger’s disorder: all of these syndromes result from a lack of empathy. Dr. Cohen backs up his claims with a wealth of research from developmental psychology, psychiatry, neuroscience and genetics.

Show 435: Naturalistic Support Workshop w/ Arnell Dowret

Naturalistic Support Workshop w/ Arnell Dowret

While faith-based and other traditional paths which are based on supernatural beliefs claim to provide these benefits, the reality clearly falls short. Naturalism in contrast, which concerns itself with attaining an understanding of ourselves and our place in the universe that is accurate, reliable, and testable (evidence-based) can actually deliver all of these benefits, with a level of effectiveness that no supernatural-based approach can equal.

Gaining a naturalized understanding of ourselves and how we fit into the world around us can help us reduce thoughts and feelings that diminish our effectiveness and debilitate us mentally and physically such as guilt, shame, regret, blame, resentment, indignation, anxiety, fear, anger, hurt, and feelings of worthlessness; it can sharpen our awareness, deepen our empathy, and support lasting growth. The way we will demonstrate how a naturalistic understanding can accomplish all of this will be by taking calls from listeners who are willing to share how such damaging feelings may be diminishing their happiness.

Naturalistic Support is an approach to providing non-hierarchical peer support, and demonstrating how applied naturalism can facilitate personal growth. It is not a substitute for conventional psychotherapy or other forms of counseling that are traditionally provided by licensed professionals.

Show 434: The Republican Brain w/ Chris Mooney

The Republican Brain w/ Chris Mooney

We live in precarious times. While the entire world is suffering from one serious crises or another, in America it has become clear our economic and political structures on which modern industrial society is built are crumbling: Politics is more polarizing than at any time since the Civil War, our social and physical infrastructures are under serious duress – if not already collapsing – and our damaged ecology is nearing the point of no return. At a time when we need more unity and clear thinking than ever, we have instead seen a disconnect between Republicans and Democrats – or, more precisely – between conservative individualists and authoritarians, and liberal communalists and egalitarians.

Chris Mooney focuses on some aspects of this divide in The Republican Brain, asking political and scientific questions concerning the possible reasons the American Right seems to embrace an alternate-universe version of reality.  What lies beneath this phenomenon and whether or not we can do anything about it is what we will be discussing today…