Show 367: 9/11 10th Anniversary Special

9/11 10th Anniversary Special: w/ Reverend Billy and the Church of Life After Shopping

Not long after the planes struck on 9/11, infamous anti-consumerist performers The Church of Stop Shopping (led by Reverend Billy and Church Director Savitri D) renamed themselves the Church of Stop Bombing. What followed was years of protest for peace and public space as both were attacked by the US Government and the NYPD.

War, community, shopping, grief, religion, and hope for peace are all tangled up in the legacy of 9/11. Over the years, Reverend Billy and the Church have performed 9/11 anniversary shows and rituals to commemorate the best responses to that day –the spontaneous eruption of community and solace in Union Square, the “I love you” final phone calls from the victims– alongside the tragic response of war, torture, and suspension of liberties from our government.

Michael O’Neil will talk to Reverend Billy and Savitri D on this special edition of Equal Time For Freethought; join us as we discuss where the 9/11 legacy has been taken. Also join The Church on Sunday at 2pm for a flowers and candles remembrance at Union Square in New York City.

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