Show 364: Good Without God?

Good Without God?

Audio here!

This Saturday in Manhattan, four humanists/atheists will meet on a panel at the NYC Ethical Culture Society to discuss the question many American religionists ask of non-believers often.. how can you be good (moral) without believing in God? This question is particularly important because even liberal religionists and people who identify as “spiritual but not religious,” feel their children need churchin’ so they can have “something (ethical) to believe in”.. and later they can “make up their minds.”

This event will take place in the evening. Earlier the same day, on Equal Time for Freethought two of the four panelists – Michael DeDora of the Center for Inquiry/Counsel for Secular Humanism and Anne Klaeysen of the Ethical Culture Society – will discuss with us some of what they will share at the panel event.

Can we be good without God?

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