Show 360: Peter Corning on “The Fair Society”

Audio here!

One of the missions of Equal Time for Freethought, perhaps the most important of them all, is to examine the nature of humanity so as to think clearly about what a truly humanistic society might look like.  It’s easy to criticize one or more element of our current unhealthy society in political or economic terms, but quite another thing to be able to ascertain just what sort of creatures’ humans are and to extrapolate from that the sort of social change which might have long lasting affects… humanistic affects.  We have interviewed many social scientists as well as evolutionary biologists and scientifically minded political activists over the years to help us with this mission, and today’s guest will be no exception…

For the past several years, Dr. Corning has served as the director of the non-profit Institute for the Study of Complex Systems and as a founding partner of a private consulting firm in Palo Alto California.  He has published numerous research papers and articles over the years, as well as five books including Holistic Darwinism: Synergy, Cybernetics, and the Bioeconomics of Evolution.

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