Show 342: An Anti-American Manifesto w/ Ted Rall

An Anti-American Manifesto?

Audio here!

Sound a bit too radical for Freethinkers? Even for left-leaning humanists and atheists? Maybe a wee bit too “negative” for “Bright-Sided“* Americans (*thanks Barbara Ehrenreich!)?

Well then, what about “violent revolution?” That may even make radical philosopher Ted Honderich flinch!

Ted Rall, cartoonist for Universal Press Syndicate, is a revolutionary. While not devoted to any particular revolutionary flag – communist, socialist, anarchist or otherwise – he IS suggesting that the time for radical change has come, and if we don’t move NOW to be the ones we’ve been waiting for, “they” will.

In his new book, he writes, “Right-wing organizational names change, but they amount to the same thing: the reactionary sociopolitical force – the sole force – poised to fill the vacuum when collapse occurs. The scenario outlined by Margaret Atwood’s prescient novel The Handmaid’s Tale – rednecks in the trenches, hard military men running things, minorities and liberals taken away and massacred, setting the stage for an even more extreme form of laissez-faire corporate capitalism than we’re suffering under today – is a fair guess of how a post-U.S. scenario will play out unless we prepare to turn it in another direction.”

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