Show 334: A World Without Islam I

Audio 1 here!

Is Islam a religion of Peace as many Muslims argue?

Is Islam, and other religions, really what poisons everything, as many atheists argue?

Can we answer the ‘chicken and egg’ question as regards religion and political economy?

How should we best understand and heal the violence done in the world today in the name of God?

On a Special Two-Hour Fund Drive Special, this Tuesday at 7pm EST, Equal Time for Freethought will explore these questions and more via a recent debate between conservative atheists and liberal Muslims, and also share with you samples of our interview with former vice-chair of the National Intelligence Council at the CIA, Graham Fuller, whose studies of Islam and Geopolitics lend themselves to a rather humanistic perspective.

Since this Fund Drive Special contained only short segments of our interview with Mr. Fuller, and since we will air the full interview with him at a later date (which we will link to from here when it becomes available on our website), we won’t post the audio of this program.

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