Show 209: Call-In Special w/Chip Walter – Humanity through a Naturalistic Lens

One Hour Call-In Special w/Chip Walter – “Humanity through a Naturalistic Lens”

Audio here!

To be skeptical merely about the value of religion, faith, and belief in the supernatural, and not call into question the overwhelming influence which such ways of seeing the world have had upon our understanding of what it means to be human, is to ignore their most damaging aspects. What happens if we discard traditional assumptions of human sinfulness, and cynical beliefs about human’s inherent tendency to be corrupt and greedy, and try to find a more accurate description of the human experience?

Helping us explore our topic will be Chip Walter author of Thumbs, Toes and Tears and Other Traits That Make Us Human; we will be opening the phone lines to hear your ideas on this crucially important topic.

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