Show 188: The Politics of Jesus – A Debate

Audio here!

The battle between the progressive secular Left in America with religion lies squarely on the frontlines of radical religious fundamentalism. It is clear for the American Left that an America dominated by the likes of Dominionists – Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Tim Lahaye and many politicians in the current Neo-Conservative Republican Party – will be an America minus democracy, diversity and equality.

But what of religious liberals?

Does the doctrine of Christianity – the majority religion in America – allow the followers of Jesus to adopt a progressive political platform just as key advocates for the Religious Left – Jim Wallis, Rabbi Lerner, etc. – argue, or are the radical atheists – Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, etc – correct when they say that moderate religiosity is as baseless and potentially dangerous as conservative religiosity?

Also, what evidence do we have for a political Jesus, historically? Can we tell from the Bible if he was a conservative like Pat Robertson suggests, or a liberal like Jim Wallis suggests? And what role ought religion to play in our society?

Stay tuned this Sunday, December 24th, at the special time of 6:00pm, for a special one-hour Christmas Eve edition of Equal Time for Freethought, as we discuss the “politics of Jesus?” with Christian biblical scholar, Obery Hendricks Jr., and secular biblical scholar and anthropologist, Hector Avalos.

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