Show 185: The Free Will Question

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A couple of weeks ago week, “Equal Time for Freethought” featured an encore presentation of a discussion we had this past summer with Eddie Ellis, host of WBAI’s “On the Count!: The Criminal Justice and Prison Report.”  During our conversation one major question which emerged hinged on the question of whether people behave as they do as a result of their own free will, or as a result of factors which they do not choose.

In addition to its obvious pertinence to criminal justice related issues where you stand on the question of free will is likely to inform your attitudes with regard to a wide range of social questions.  We were supposed to address these questions on November 5th, but ETFF was postponed that evening. This then is that program!

So where do you stand on the question of free will, and why?  We will be taking your calls during a one-hour Equal Time for Freethought special examining “The Free Will Question” and how it relates to issues of race, class, criminal justice, and the practice of naturalism.

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