Show 157: Fund Drive Show: Tim Wise & Chris Mooney

Fund Drive Show: Tim Wise – Director of the “Association for White Anti-Racist Education” in Tennessee and author of White Like Me: Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son & Chris Mooney – senior correspondent for “American Prospect” & author of Republican War on Science.

Audio here!

For this special fund drive program, we will first share with you a taped interview with Chris Mooney, author of “The Republican War on Science.” Mooney, Washington correspondent for Seed magazine and a senior correspondent for the American Prospect, discusses in this book issues at the intersection of science and politics. From his website, ‘Science has never been more crucial to deciding the political issues facing the country. Yet science and scientists have less influence with the federal government than at any time since the Eisenhower administration. In The Republican War on Science, Mooney ties together the disparate strands of the attack on science into a frightening account of our government’s increasing unwillingness to distinguish between legitimate research and ideologically driven pseudoscience.’

Then, during our second hour, we will share with you a taped interview with Tim Wise, antiracist activist and author of the book, “White Like Me.” Scientific naturalists recognize that our bias always threatens to keep us from accurately interpreting what we see. Indeed, the degree to which our efforts to study the world around us will generate the accurate information we desire, is limited by how effective we are at offsetting the bias that would otherwise mislead us. Armed with voluminous data obtained with evidentiary rigor, Wise blows apart the various ways that our biases can blind us to the truth.

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