Show 550: ‘Women Beyond Belief’ w/ Karen Garst

What are the ties today between feminism and atheism? Why do women, who are often the victims of patriarchal religious “morality”, fail to leave religious indoctrination more than men? How can one better understand why they believe, and how they might de-convert from the magical thinking religious belief demands? And what kind of stories have women who have left the “faith”, told?

This week, new guest host Jessica Schab interviews author and former Christian, Karen Garst on her debut book, Women Beyond Belief: Discovering Life without Religion — a collection of stories from 22 women who have left religion in their past.

Audio can be found here!

Show 537: Local artists Vincent Czyz and Chris Johnson

Local artists Vincent Czyz and Chris Johnson talk about their work concerning religion!

Today, Matthew LaClair speaks with Chris Johnson about his new book A Better Life: 100 Atheists Speak Out on Joy & Meaning in a World Without God.

Also, Barry Seidman talks with author Vincent Czyz about his new novel (concerning whether or not a historical Jesus existed) – The Christos Mosaic.

Audio can be found here!

Show 329: Eating, Drinking, and Even – Having Fun – with Atheists!

Eating, Drinking, and Even – Having Fun – with Atheists!

Audio here!

Traditionally, most of the activities offered in the Freethought community are usually directed toward meeting the participants’ intellectual needs.  Yet for the past several years Manhattan Freethought community leader Rich Sander has been offering “Drinking with Atheists” .. fun Friday night socials that are consistently well attended which bring together men and women of all ages, from a variety of Freethought groups.

To discuss his involvement with the Freethought community, and to provide us with an overview of some of the various things that non-religious people can do in New York City, Rich Sander will be joining us live in our studio.

While it’s often been said that the prospect of getting non-religious people to socialize is like trying to “herd cats,” over the years Rich’s meetings have provided a warm and welcoming place for hundreds of atheists, agnostics, secular humanists, members of ethical culture, and skeptics alike.

Please join us to hear about community building and outreach from a true humanist activist who is out there on the front lines and definitely doing something right!