Show 590: Film Producer and Podcast Creator/Host, Élisabeth Feytit

Jessica Schab interviews film producer and podcast creator/host, Élisabeth Feytit, on her work. Topics include Skepticism, New Age beliefs, Religion, and Meta-cognition.
Élisabeth Feytit, born in Paris, France, is a film Director, Author and Editor. She is the Executive Producer of l’Esprit & la Matière.

She now focuses on the production of documentary films that propose a rational and curious exploration of the way the mind works: conditioning, cognitive biases, illusions, self-manipulation, beliefs, free will, etc.

She’s also the creator of a podcast about metacognition (thinking about our thinking): Méta de Choc.

Show 588: Bruce Levine and Michael Yates on Anti-Authoritarianism and more…

What a tangled web we’ve weaved. We are in the times of neo-fascism and ramped neoliberal capitalism, and the violence, hate, anxiety and depression they induce. Some of us ‘left of center’ keep hoping that Sanders-esque progressives will move the Democratic Party leftward again – thus pulling the Republican Party out of neo-fascism – but some of us hold out no such hope. Those of us on what is often derogatorily referred to as the ‘far left’ still think things can be turned around, but there is much work ahead…IF it is not already too late.

In the traditions of anarchism and Marxism, two authors have been exploring how these philosophies can still be effective today. Dr. Bruce Levine and Michael Yates.

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Show 587: Hector Garcia on PSTD, Religion, and Male Dominance

Jessica Schab talks with Hector Garcia on PSTD, Religion, and Male Dominance

Hector is a clinical psychologist specializing in the treatment of combat-related post traumatic stress disorder. He has published extensively on the treatment of PTSD in combat veterans, masculine psychology in the aftermath of war, the evolutionary roots of political partisanship, and the interplay between religious practice and psychopathology.

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Show 585: Avoiding the Holiday Blues


While this holiday season can bring us joy, for many it is a serious challenge. If our life isn’t picture perfect, how can we face all of the reminders of idealized lives – lives that so few people actually have – and not feel diminished?

On this edition of ETFF we’ll be taking your calls and together exploring how a naturalistic support approach can help us get from here to January.

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Show 583: Matt Berkowitz

Matt Berkowitz: The the creator of the “Science Literacy” video series, a YouTube video project dedicated to improving public science literacy. A key focus is giving people the tool set to think skeptically and be able to competently evaluate scientific claims. Topics explored include science denialism and conspiracy theories, and the cognitive biases that fuel them, as well as how to think about evidence, and principles of rational thought.

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Show 582: Tom Clark on the State of Naturalism, 2018

Tom Clark on the State of Naturalism, 2018. A discussion hosted by Arnell Dowret

What does a naturalistic worldview mean for how we treat each other, how we understand our social interactions, and what sort of society we build? One of the key elements to fostering naturalistic relations is to avoid “judgmentalism” in how we interact with others as well as the narratives we play around with in our own mind.

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