Show 550: An extended ETFF “X-Mas” Special

An extended ETFF “X-Mas” Special!

Arnell Dowret will host our annual X-Mas Special, this year from 2pm-6pm, featuring loads of classic content including two our exclusive interviews with Santa Claus and our special Christmas meditation.  There will also be a bunch of brand new stuff like our recent interview with space scientist Carolyn Porco, who – as she did last year -will give us the highlights of human activity in space during 2015.

We will also be taking listener calls throughout the afternoon to hear how you are making it through the epic day.  And we’ll be playing lots of great Christmas parody songs both old and new.

So whether you are with friends, family or going solo – your Naturalistic Christmas afternoon of fun awaits!

Show 549: Naturalistic Support Workshop

Naturalistic Support Workshop w/ Arnell Dowret

On Saturday December 5th at 2pm, ETFF’s NS is back and our topic will be Resilience. We’ll be taking your calls to hear how you deal with difficult events that change your life.

Regardless of the challenge whether it’s the loss of a close relationship – losing a job – or facing illness, why do some of us seem able to roll with the punches while others struggle?