Show 380: War, Gender, & Religion

War, Gender, & Religion

This Saturday on Equal Time for Free Thought, Sunsara Taylor will be talking with:

Nica Lalli, author of “Nothing,” a memoir about growing up – and then making her way in the world – without religion. This segment will examine the lessons Lalli has drawn from her own search for meaning and her journey to becoming what she calls a “pink atheist” as well as her insights and approaches to building a family and community with, or sometimes at least among, those who believe in different ways.


Kathleen Barry, author of “Unmaking War, Remaking Men,” which examines the links between “masculinity” as we know it and a world of wars of aggression and plunder.

Taylor and Barry will explore the links between the rampant violence against women in the most intimate of spaces and the mass-scale brutality of imperialist wars, including some discussion of the recent unjust and immoral U.S. military assault on Libya.

Show 379: More Sex!

This week Equal Time for Freethought continues it’s examination of how healthy sexuality might be expressed in a society that wasn’t dominated by shame, puritanicalism, and sexploitation.

As we envision becoming a society of people who are happier, healthier, and more empowered, our anachronistic attitudes about sexuality an…d bodily pleasure will have to change. Last week we examined the many ways that various forces in our culture inhibit healthy sexual expression with founder of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF), Susan Wright. In this, our second of two programs on this topic we will discuss push-back from the left and the need to distinguish between the abuse and exploitation, which seems symptomatic to our hierarchical, domination based culture, and passionate, diverse and healthy sexual expression.

We will also be examining the emergence of today’s body pleasure positive culture as it is being expressed by both progressive enterprises and in new social groups and organizations.

Joining our discussion will be two of the co-founders of “The Pleasure SalonSelina Fire, and Mark Michaels, and CEO and cofounder of Babeland, Rachel Venning. Babeland is the award winning premier purveyor of sex related merchandise, workshops and events. The Pleasure Salon is a monthly gathering in New York City of sex positive activists.

Show 378: Sex Under Humanism

Sex Under Humanism

What would healthy sexual expression look like in a society that wasn’t dominated by shame, puritanicalism, and sexploitation?

We may never know, but surely exploring this question is essential if we are to become a healthier, freer and, happier society.

Helping us examine the way strong forces in our culture inhibits healthy sexual exp…ression will be Founder of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF), Community Activist, Media Spokesperson, Writer and Published Author, Susan Wright.