Show 408: Jesus: Man or Myth

Jesus: Man or Myth w/ Robert Price

Tonight is Christmas Eve. Christians around the planet will understand this evening as the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, a prophet and son-of-God. Biblical scholarship outside of Christian Apologetics have long held that the Jesus of the Gospels – the Jesus born of a virgin, master miracle worker, and the god who rose from the dead and founded a religion – never existed… That this Jesus was a mythology designed to offer metaphysical bases for a very human religion.

But did a man named Jesus ever exist, historically speaking? If not, who was it Christianity was based on? And if there never existed the Jesus of the Gospels NOR a historical Jesus, what are Christians to do?

Today we will speak with biblical scholar Robert Price on this – the core of an entire religion may much different than most Christians even suspect.

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  1. I am not interested in the supernaturalism of Christianity, but am very interested in the study of the early history of the group. I am always happy to talk to others that are also interested in this topic. My interest specifically is up till perhaps a generation or two after Irenaeus. But I would say I am interested in anything from the Maccabean revolt up till about 384CE when Christianity became the official religion of the Roman empire.

    Cheers! RichGriese.NET/religion

  2. This is in response to the last show, I just finished listening to the archive.
    Great show. Very informative. Is it possible that the show is somewhat existing in the shadow of theocracy, and therefore limited within that cast?
    And the problem, for example, trying to understand a supernatural phenomenon with basic math. Or is it fair to use valid scientific tools, even simple as physical evidence, to prove or disprove the supernatural?
    Arent we wasting our time and brain-power with such excersizes? I wouldnt bring an audio book for a group of deaf people, but maybe…
    Thank you for a great show, even though satan was clearly engineering 😉

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