Show 377: The Brain: Revisited!

The Human Brain, as it is presented in the new exhibition at The American Museum of Natural History called “Brain: The Inside Story.”

Understanding that our brain is the source of all of our behavior, thoughts, and personality may seem obvious to people who are naturalistic in their world-view, however in mainstream culture, this outlook is not widely held.

Despite all evidence to the contrary it’s surprising how many people continue to believe that personality and behavior are manifestations of supernatural phenomena, such as an immortal soul, or some other immaterial, non-local, manifestation. The impact that such thinking has on everything, from the way we treat one another to the nature of our social institutions, is vast.

Because of this Equal Time for Freethought believes that the supernatural view of who we are needs to be challenged and, in recent memory, one of the best approaches to doing this that we’ve encountered is embodied in the incredible new exhibition.

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