Show 169: Brian Trent

Keeping the Darkness at Bay, or How to Avoid Reliving the Lowest Moment in Human History w/ Brian Trent

Just before the dark ages began, there was a moment, when centuries of
the total accumulated evidence-based knowledge, as well as the empirical
approach to knowing, had people struggling for it not to be eviscerated by the forces
of superstition, faith, and authoritarianism.  For many reasons, that ill fated struggle to keep reason alive just before the thousand years of darkness which followed, was embodied in the story life of the ancient female mathematician and astronomer, Hypatia.

Brian Trent is the author of the recent historical novel “Remembering Hypatia.”  Brian will help us understand what it is that this great woman represented, and why we aught to be especially vigilant today about how to protect humanity from those who would bring about a new Dark Age.
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Show 168: Robert M. Price

The Da Vinci Fraud: Why the Truth is Stranger than Fiction w/Robert M. Price

Book Description:

Was Leonardo Da Vinci a member of the “Priory of Sion,” a secret society reaching all the way back to the Crusades? Does his famous painting, “The Last Supper,” contain a hidden code about this society’s most precious secret? Did Jesus father children by Mary Magdalene? What was the Holy Grail?

The best-selling novel The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown has stirred the popular imagination by cleverly interweaving theories about such questions with a fast-paced fictional narrative. Many readers have been so swept away by the drama of this murder mystery that they have accepted Brown’s fictional reconstruction of Christian origins and medieval history as established fact.

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Show 167: Ivan Stang & The Church of the SubGenius

The Church of the SubGenius is a satirical postmodern parody religion, originally based in Dallas, Texas, which gained popularity in the 1980s and 1990s subculture, with a large presence on the Internet.  The Church describes its philosophy in the following manner: “The Church Of The SubGenius is an order of Scoffers and Blasphemers, dedicated to Total Slack, delving into Mockery Science, Sadofuturistics, Megaphysics, Scatalography, Schizophreniatrics, Morealism, Sarcastrophy, Cynisacreligion, Apocolyptionomy, ESPectorationalism, Hypno-Pediatrics, Subliminalism, Satyriology, Disto-Utopianity, Sardonicology, Fascetiouism, Ridiculophagy, and Miscellatheistic Theology.”
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